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Innovative Design Concepts

Highly Optimized User Experience

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Innovative Design Concepts

Highly Optimized User Experience

100% Ownership Rights

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We are one of the oldest web hosting company. Despite challenging circumstances, we have always managed to flourish our service and modify technology to keep pace with the modern world.

We are proud to offer best web hosting solution at low cost and with unmatched 99.9% up-time.

Our cheap web hosting packages are offered in budget hosting range, while our business hosting and WordPress hosting brings more reliability and email hosting features.

24/7 Support

An internet that doesn't sleep needs a dedicated team of technicians that are available to resolve issues within minutes of when they occur.

Our data center is staffed with experienced in-house technicians around the clock that are never more than a few steps away from your servers. Whether it's a simple drive swap or a RAM upgrade, we have the staff and parts on-site to get the job done quickly and meet your needs on your schedule.

Our Customers Are Our Asset

Pro Design World hosting clients include bloggers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, students and established businesses across the globe.

Our customer base includes big names from all over the globe along with small businesses from different locations.

As a web hosting company, we deliver valuable services and support to them as they are our most valuable asset.

Get Cutom Web App At The Price Of WordPress!

If you to show your presence on the internet than your business needs a fully functional and customized website. Only a website works for your business 24/7 times and targets the customers the worldwide. Even your own employee only works for you in limited hours in a day. Do you a plan to develop the website to increase the brand awareness? We can build PHP custom web application at the price of WP just for you.

WordPress VS PHP Frameworks

Let’s make a comparison between the Custom PHP website or a WordPress website in order to find that which one is better.


If you want to build up a website, then utilizing a PHP framework is more secure in contrast to the CMS. That’s because they utilize custom code, and it’s difficult to breach their security.


As CMS has many functions in applications, however, those applications are not flexible. But, the PHP framework includes library functions and can be customized easily dependent upon your requirement. So, when it comes to flexibility, the PHP framework is an ideal option.


The most basic question- what amount of money are you planning to spend on web development? The general conception people have is that Wordpress being a content management system, is cheaper to build your website on. There is a fallacy here. Of course, you will have to spend less time on development, but you have to pay huge amount on for paid Themes & Plugin and also for WordPress Hosting for long time. On other side with Core PHP you have pay only one time and it also comsume low hosting cost.


PHP uses its own memory, so the workload of the server and loading time gets reduced automatically, which results in the faster-processing speed. This subsequently reduces development time of Core PHP Web Apps. On other hand, WordPress required different plugins to add required (basic) functionalities and each plugin have its own PHP, CSS and JavaScript files, so achive the required load-time of website is almost impossible with WP.

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